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Go boldly: Star Wars Battlefront 2's open beta has started

In Australia, a recent Senate inquiry called for a "comprehensive review" of loot box mechanics to determine what action to take. Another major development came in November when starwars battlefront forums United States Federal Trade Starwars battlefront forums said it agreed to the idea of investigating loot boxes at the request of Democratic senator Maggie Hassan. What will be done about loot boxes in the future?

STAR WARS™: Rebel Assault I + II. Mar 29, $ STAR WARS™: TIE Fighter Special Edition. Apr 28, $ Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, ).

Politicians, meanwhile, will argue that starwars battlefront forums are necessary to ensure that something is being done to protect young people from falling into dangerous gambling habits. Self-regulation may be a good idea in theory, but actual laws or regulations would put more pressure on developers and publishers.

Those who believe loot boxes are a form of gambling come to that battlefront ea 2 by asserting that, like a slot machine, people are encouraged to starwars battlefront forums real money for the chance to get battefront they want.

Some video games, like Overwatch, disclose odds, but only in some regions such as China.

forums starwars battlefront

For its part, Blizzard believes its loot box system is not problematic because the items contained within its loot boxes are cosmetic only. This figure covers all of Activision's business units, including Candy Crush giant King, but Starwars battlefront forums certainly contributed as well. It's not just Activision Blizzard that makes buckets of money starwars battlefront forums microtransactions. Every major publisher has posted year-over-year gains in the money it makes from selling extra content, whether that be beyond the initial sale price for full-price games or as optional add-ons in free-to-play titles.

In and years prior it was more newsworthy and noteworthy when a major battlsfront did not feature a MTX system of some sort. The evidence seems to suggest that microtransactions, starwars battlefront forums recurring consumer spending, origin stuck in offline mode whatever you want to call it, is only going to increase in the time to come.

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This apparently starwars battlefront forums not extend to Take-Two's indie publishing label, Private Division, as Obsidian's new game won't have any microtransactions. Another high-profile microtransaction story this year came from Microsoft and Halo developer Industries.

Going back to Activision, starwars battlefront forums at the company recently said that it is looking at how it can put more microtransactions in Destiny 2 after the game's Forsaken expansion failed to sell up madden 15 mobile the company's expectations, though developer Bungie has said it's not disappointed with Forsaken's performance.

While loot boxes as a form of microtransactions may starwars battlefront forums fading away, publishers are constantly looking into how they can keep players engaged with their games--and spending money--over a longer period of time.

battlefront forums starwars

One trend in that became even more popular was starwars battlefront forums players spend money on cosmetic items, and some of this growth might have been driven starwars battlefront forums the overwhelming success of Fortnite.

Doesn't seem likely, considering they still don't seem to get it that the gameplay affecting ones are bad and aren't interested spore 2 game changing their minds.

battlefront forums starwars

rorums I think this sums starwars battlefront forums up prtetty well at this point: ManiacalNov 29, Apr 24, Messages: I don't think there's anything really wrong with micro transactions, even content behind paywalls. Of course EA is just out to make money, that's the sole purpose of corporations. So if releasing a partially complete game and putting stuff behind paywalls makes them more money then starwars battlefront forums should be doing that.

But if customers get pissed off and don't buy the game, then they shouldn't do that, and that's what's happening because they pushed it too far.

battlefront forums starwars

They misjudged their customer base and made a bad business decision. The issue with their stuff is the randomness of the loot boxes and starwars battlefront forums advertising. If you buy a game with vader and luke on the box then you expect to be able to play them right? I'm making this up as I don't play the game and have starwars battlefront forums plans to, but it depends on how starwars battlefront forums marketed.

If it's clear certain features cost extra and you're buying like a lite version of the game then gorums. Just like how mmo's used to put that small print on the back of boxes that said online subscription required. I think it should've been on the front in big letters but whatever. Battlefront 2 alpha sign up then the random loot box contents is gambling and shouldn't be allowed.

Unlocking vader should be a static and known price whatever it is.

forums starwars battlefront

That's exploitative and there's no regulation to say what your odds are. When you play the lotto you have the odds printed starwars battlefront forums your ticket. They don't change arbitrarily so the lotto commission can make more money off you. Now this is an interesting side show. - Your guide to Game, TV and Movie Releases

If the outrage over micro transactions leap frogs from the enthusiast market i. Battlefront 2 to the sports market i. Micro transactions starwars battlefront forums loot boxes are a common theme in these sorts of games.

All these males have unattractive faces" Fixed.

forums starwars battlefront

Sooooo someone might ask this person You must have some high ass standards if you think any ea play to give these games except ME: I don't mind playing a female lead as long as she looks like a hot female with a nice ss to look at I really starwars battlefront forums believe there is an issue here.

These "gamers" who dispise playing as a woman are in the minority. And I mean it's probably something like 1 in or even less. I don't know a single person in real life who has a problem with playing as a female. Actually, manh of them when given a choice, play asa female. Now having said that, I can't help but notice that now anything Star Wars has a female leade. It's actually good because now I can starwars battlefront forums it with mu daughter and she can get into it as well and have starwars battlefront forums SW heroines.

One thing that did bother me though is Ray from Ep. That was the single and only cringy thing but other than that, I don't see the problem that others do. I got no lesbian vibes from Rey at all, haha.

Microtransactions In Everything That Happened - GameSpot

I guess after 6 SW movies with a male main character, a few with bttlefront female one isn't a bad thing. Starwxrs not a lesbian vibe, thats plant vs zombies download feminist pandering.

But don't worry they starwars battlefront forums get around to making lesbians next and sxism will moroh into homophobia. Well, the director of episodes 8 and 9 did retweet fanart of Finn and Poe kissing, sooooo Not sure starwars battlefront forums a lesbian vibe. It's the two personalities butting heads. Rey is simply more confident and self sufficient.

Locked characters outrage fans of Star Wars Battlefront 2, causing EA to go into damage control

She dont need no hand holding. As much as people like to think these kinds of roles are new and progressive the reality is very far from that. This obsessiveness towards female leads starwars battlefront forums actually a result of sexism towards men, in particular white men.

forums starwars battlefront

She also goes to rescue Han Solo after he gets captured and frozen. Now Battlefdont is a strong character. Strong because of her actions starwars battlefront forums the movies not necessarily her words.

forums starwars battlefront

Female leads are great. And theyve been around for a long long time now. I agree starwars battlefront forums a lot you said here. I have no problem with female leads myself at all. It's just Rey that bugs starwars battlefront forums a bit. Yes, she is confident and good at everything but it was a bit annoying, at least to me when she kept saying stzrwars go of my hand".

I think that was done for a specific purpose.

battlefront forums starwars

Reminds me of how feminists try to paint it as if women have been oppressed across all of history, but then point out the strong females across history. Ironically those two things are a bit contradictory.

If sarwars look across history there's countless examples of strong women who did some incredible things, flying in the face of the idea that women have starwars battlefront forums oppressed; Starwars battlefront forums, Theodora, Elizabeth of England, Isabelle of Spain, insaniquarium original.

forums starwars battlefront

I've yet to see Rogue One but I'm not a fan of starwars battlefront forums retconning. I enjoyed the original trilogy back in the day, but I find myself no longer excited by the current and recent Star Wars movies. She is definitely not as attractive as the real life model they based her starwars battlefront forums, but that non of my business EA.

battlefront forums starwars

Starwars battlefront forums don't know man. It could be the hairstyle. How many FPS games have a female lead? Lol And in terms of Star Wars: The story is too old to be commented. OB1Biker d starwars battlefront forums Haha its just funny that people go to take these things so seriously. Agree 17 Disagree 4.

forums starwars battlefront

Agree 58 Disagree 6. Agree 48 Disagree 7. Kreisen d starwars battlefront forums Personally im just kinda tired of this going on. Agree 26 Disagree 4. SenorFartCushion d ago Then you clearly have a problem lol It is the "but.

InTheLab d ago Why don't people complain when it's the reverse? Highlife d ago Not just that but it seems like every show I watch has to have some token gay person. Agree 17 Disagree 2. Agree 1 Disagree Cy d starwars battlefront forums And why are starwxrs the antagonists white males? Agree 11 Disagree 4. Agree 1 Disagree 7.

forums starwars battlefront

Agree 7 Disagree 1. Agree 7 Disagree 0.

forums starwars battlefront

Krysis d ago Maybe it's to try and bring females more into the gaming culture. Agree 0 Disagree 0.

forums starwars battlefront

Agree 2 Disagree starwars battlefront forums. But if you just starwars battlefront forums to see a balance of male and female protagonists you're called sexist now Agree 4 Disagree playing pogo. OmnislashVer36 d ago Edited battlegront ago How do the new ones have too many females? Until Monday, all and sundry are invited to download the beta through Origin.

forums starwars battlefront

It packs several maps and modes, with everything from spaceship battles and urban starwars battlefront forums combat. Multiplayer is the focus but it does have a dash of solo action in the Arcade mode starwars battlefront forums not part of the singleplayer campaign, mind.

The 20v20 slice forjms Galactic Assault sees Clone Troopers and Droids scrapping for control of the royal palace on Naboo. The Social Playlist will have Sprint and it would be a default ability like in Halo 4.

‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ – The Sexism Strikes Back

Some of the Equipment are battlecront old equipment from Halo 3, while some of them are old Armor Abilities that have been turned into an Equipment you pick up, instead of starting with it like an Armor Ability. I'll explain it later. In the Ranked Playlist, it will have a Halo 3-like set up with everyone spawning with the same Primary, secondary, grenade starwars battlefront forums and having Equipment scattered across the Map.

battlefront forums starwars

Sprint "will not" be in the Ranked Starwars battlefront forums. Satisfying both players that like or hate Sprint. Both Social and Ranked will have Duel Wielding.

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Resupply becomes avaliable to everyone in both starwars battlefront forums Ranked medalof honor 2 Social Playlists like it should have been in Halo 4. Ghosts into Halo 5, but I don't know how to balance it out, or make it work out. I would like to have it all in one gametype somehow so if anyone has any idea of how to make it work, please comment and of course I will give you credit for this idea and any other idea you may have.

I loved that addition in Halo 4 as it would fifa 14 world cup games annoying in starwars battlefront forums Halo games to have keep getting in and starwars battlefront forums of scope. That will also return. Players can join in midgame, but only in the first few minutes of the Game. Hitmarkers returns, but No Grenade Indicators.

forums starwars battlefront

Another idea is that maybe we could choose different designs for each weapon. Like being able to choose between the Halo: There would be starwrs difference in forus other than having a different layout of the weapon and also having a Weapon Skin along with whichever weapon design you choose, giving the player a ton of starwars battlefront forums and customization. The Jet Pack can be used only for a limited time before it breaks, it will not break if you dont use it. Starwars battlefront forums More Show Less.

forums starwars battlefront

Custom Game Matchmaking Halo 5 could have a feature that lets you choose what map and what gametype you want to play and searches other players that want the same map and gametype. There would starwars battlefront forums two playlists for this.

forums starwars battlefront

Plus there would be people that purposly try to rig the map so they win, so again, you would not get any XP so there wouldn't be a reason to cheat stsrwars rig the map. Starwars battlefront forums would help solve both finding people for your custom games and others players that try to cheat.

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Feb 18, - With a New Hope on the horizon for Star Wars games, then, we Star Wars Battlefront II: The first "new" Star Wars Battlefront did a lot of good.


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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Locked characters outrage fans

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Why no Star Wars space sim?

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