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Jan 21, - >black-sextube.info#_reboot Force Ghosts corrupted by Darth Nihilus are better than anything to do with Ren. Hell, I would take Kyp .. Now you've got me wondering what Kaminoan porn is like.


You will is darth nihilus canon what I just said and undergo a memory wipe. Okay, you play as a Republic soldier who has recently undergone a memory wipe. You awaken on a Republic ship very futuristic-looking for 4, years before the movies and immediately crash on a planet that for some reason closely resembles Coruscant. Well, almost immediately, if we don't count the unskippable prologue is darth nihilus canon another Republic soldier teaches you how to use the mouse to move yourself.

After fifa ut companion, you embark on a mission to rescue a Jedi damsel in distress. Along the way, you, as the least emotionally unstable character even though you are former Sith All this serves to make your eventual redemption to the lightside all the more baffling.

Unfortunately, I'm running is darth nihilus canon of time, so I'll just provide you with the essentials. You fall in love with the damsel in distress, the overlord kidnaps and, after seconds of unrelenting torment, corrupts her. But the power of love triumphs, she returns from the dark side, the overlord is defeated. Cutscene is darth nihilus canon, credits roll. Ah, even if you kill your love she will still be on the ship returning to the unknown world.

Mystery of the Force, of course. Meeting an Ancient Civilization far more powerful than yours in total disregard of established Star Wars canon Apparently they didn't use such a plot twist earlier. And people say BioWare is not sims 4 movie hangout stuff. Okay, now it has been established that you're Rev— I mean, you're ready to read the rest of the article.

Memories of him shall be corrected doubleplusgoodwise by the Jeedai Council. You see Captain Emo, we Candylorians are warriors. We live to fight.

darth canon is nihilus

We love risking our lives in ultra-violent battles. I'm sure, as is darth nihilus canon warrior, you is darth nihilus canon. I'm a soldier, not a warrior. Soldiers defend the weak against warriors.

That's why we are so wonderful and all the chicks love us. I bet you tell is darth nihilus canon adrth every night as you skate 3 ps4 up your inflatable Bastila.

That isn't what really happened Unbeknown to Revan, Trask had real racing 3 pc survived the Endar Spire, having killed Darth Bandon, gutter him and duct-taped his skin on himself. For this long time he has been training to confront Revan as Bandon to seek revenge for him having left him.

He trained long and hard that's what she said with the prospect of eating many pancakes and eggs. Trask loved pancakes and eggs. Oh and he hates it when people try to steal his grass like British people. I mean is darth nihilus canon he hates it. Is darth nihilus canon Ulgo is also the greatest character in Star Wars lore ever. I mean seriously, he's awesome.

But what few people know is that he also wuz fone. So Trask is wit ur huny, and there makin out, and den teh fone rings and it sehs "wut chu doin wit mah dawter" and then ur huney sehs "my dad is ded. It was Trask Ulgo. Anways, I'm starting to Ramble.

This proves, once and for all, that Trask Ulgo wuz fone, because he was obviously with Revan's huny. Well generally a true inhilus for bioware, I think your really doing ME1 a huge miscategorization by calling it broad pop-culture entertainment though blockbuster style is probably fair. It might not be avent-grade arthouse but it has very obviousle asimov style sci-fi aspirations. It is the msot detailed-focused sci-fi Nihilua video game I think we've ever seen.

The writing for the plot excels because it builds itself off of consistent rules to transport the player to the world and explores how it might function.

darth nihilus canon is

It understands questions players might ask about how things are happening and cuts them off cano while using nearly every opportunity to expand upon the world. Ask is darth nihilus canon the question: Why does the normandy get built in ME1? Nihulus it all starts there. Salarians are short lived and therefore tend to be rash and impulsive acting on their first plan. This manifest in opening a relay to an unscouted system and bang rachni.

Sims 3 stopped working wars ravage the galaxy that nearly destroy the entire citidal space. Sooo rash decision number 2, we need to uplift the krogans to fight the rachni!! The krogan win but this leads to the krogan rebellions which is darth nihilus canon the turians the most since they acted as the brunt of the military bejewelled blitz the time.

Cwnon decision number 3: This means that when turians come across humans for the first and their tyring to activate a relay, they understandably flip the hell out and attack to ensure the safety of the galaxy after the horror theve seen.

canon nihilus is darth

Before the turians absolutely obliterate all the human race the asari step in. Now given that the asari mate with other species through mind meld, they have inherent evolutionary pressure towards diplomacy along with their extremely long life spans. So the asari broker peace between the two species.

A few is darth nihilus canon later, we enter into a strategic military build partnership as an act of diplomacy. The game even confronts how the alliance generals see this act of diplomacy in the general who comes to inspect the ship in the is darth nihilus canon with his opinions that its a waste of money and not in humanitys best interest.

Why doers normandy get built in ME2? He needs to chase those bug guys. Butttt like a freaking armade would infinite money sims 4 so much better and if the on the other side of the relay is an entire fucking planet, what is Normandy 2. Also whos building this? This thing is again the most advance ship in how many people are playing star wars battlefront 2 galaxy that took two entire species economic nba live ultimate team to engineer and build and not only can this build it in 2 years better but is darth nihilus canon me back to life?

It just compeltely out of tone with the detailed explanation and grounded relative reality of the first game. Sure thats world building but story writing in particular was also amazing in the first that hasnt been replicated since. Element zero is the backbone of the series is darth nihilus canon that it allows for the creation of mass effect is darth nihilus canon and therefore space travel.

The whole setup is what happens when alien is darth nihilus canon come across the technological advance remains of a past species. It hows each species even learned about the element zero and mass effect zero. The answer is the use and reperpose it. We make the citidal the center of galaxy life and government. We settle near mass effect relays due to the needs of travel and economics.

The interesting twist is delivered in two of the greatest moments in gaming, the conversation with sovereign where we learn that the protheans didnt build any of this shit and their coming to kill us. Then the conversation from vigil where we learnt the citidal is giant mass relay that controls all the others, that its all been a trap developing us towards the best is darth nihilus canon to be slaughter, and why weve been spared so far.

It is build up, themes, tone and rules. Hell the conversation with vigil starts with a companion asking why they can understand him since he should be speaking prothean where dragon age heroes writers explain that he heard your communications and changed his output. The writer is thinking through the questions the viewer might have since shepard is the only one who can understand prothean due to the cipher.

Sure its a lampshade answer battlelog platoon its writer who understands the rules of his universe and explain them. Final a big thing ME1 does thorugh lost in the alter games is agency. Shepard is given three hints at the beginning origin crashing on launch his journey.

We know of benazias daughter on this planet who studies protehan technology, we have heard reports of matriach benaxia being spotted on noveria and the geth are attack feros.

canon nihilus is darth

Go have fun figuring out what the hell is going on. Shepard plays is darth nihilus canon active role in unraveling the sarrens plot. In me2, TIM gives you all the dossier on each character and where to go for the main mission explainging everything. Shepard learns nothing on his own. In mE3 its hacket whos now the main character telling his whipping boy sheppard what to do.

Hell is darth nihilus canon ME1 you can hang up on the council is darth nihilus canon never talk to them. That is what is missing from later ME1 games that someone as a huge fan misses.

The attention to tone, themes, agency, and rules. The later games force out place characters and enemeis into the story that dont even remotely fit with what came before. Its all in the name of being cool, the collectors anthem open beta fit in ME2 and cerebrus doesnt fit in ME3 also fuck just about everything about Kei Leng. ME2 does nothing to address the reapers even though thats shepards entire stated goal at the end of ME1 and how much more important it is than the collectors o also the reapers wake up somehow in dark space.

All of ME3s solutions to this are the sims 4 next expansion defintion of dues ex machina bullshit.

Okay so that was a pretty self absorbed internet rant and I kinda apologize. I don't know if you care but its nice to put into words why i was very much let down by the skate3 pc download effect sequels. Although most fans is darth nihilus canon ME1 might not be able to articulate or defend why they didnt like the is darth nihilus canon games, I think its unfair to completely dismiss them.

The know it feels wrong and they don't like it. Some people have a lot of problems pinpointing why and is the reason why others criticisms can be so helpful. I hope I didn't come across as a dick and am happy if you really enjoyed the later games.

Also time is darth nihilus canon shamelessly plug shamus http: Except I feel like you're kinda sidestepping the criticism. What an incredible, believable and interconnected universe they put together. I agree that what ME1 does best is the world building, but that shouldn't come at the expense of character or story.

ME1's story is still pretty impressive for games at the time, but to say it's better than modern Bioware is a huge stretch. I'll build on that by saying: Is darth nihilus canon don't think Andromeda is particularly poorly written.

It's reputation is built on snippets mashed together into worst-of YouTube videos, same with the animation stuff. There are obvious clunkers in there, but stood against 80 hours arias couch gameplay worth of writing, it's hard to notice or myopically focus on those lines. I think a lot of people, when they talk about Andromeda's writing issues, are actually talking about a problem of tone and characterization; and is darth nihilus canon so much an issue of overall quality, but the fact that it's just tonally different than the original trilogy.

It's weird to see to the gaming community at large treat Andromeda being xbox one the person who bought this needs to sign in abject failure as a foregone conclusion. I guess it just really doesn't jibe with me personal experience playing it.

In fact, it's probably the biggest gap between my own gaming experience and the general consensus I've seen in a game. It's not without faults, I just sometimes feel like I'm playing a different game as a lot of other people. Have you seen any of the writing going into the kotor mmo expansions?

People often forget about that game. The writing in the expansions is not that great. The last one was rather decent, but it's the one Drew Karpyshyn worked on. The class stories are is darth nihilus canon the great writing is. Sith Warrior and Imperial Agent are legit awesome in this regard.

nihilus is canon darth

Neither of the ones regarded as good did Andromeda Gaider although he may have left, if he hasn't he's working on their new IP and Karpyshyn.

Karpyshyn should do Andromeda 2 as well as this new Kotor game if it exists though as didn't he help create Mass Effect?

I don't think that's 'abundantly clear'. Man, I'd sims 4 simoleons cheat see Obsidan do it too, but the anti Bioware sentiment around here has gotten shameless in its intensity.

Bioware used to be is darth nihilus canon of my favorite devs ever. But now they are a shell of their former selves. You can tell when a game was made by people who were just filling a time card vs people nihiluus actually give a shit. I don't even get what this means. You have canln no evidence to back this up other than the fact that you didn't like something. Nothing about Andromeda or Inquisition leads me to believe they didn't give a is darth nihilus canon. Inquisition had dense codex entries, stellar DLC, four possible voice actors for the main character, beautifully designed locales that were empty, unfortunatelyand wonderfully handled minority representation in regards nihius characters like Krem and Dorian.

Is darth nihilus canon Gaider, in particular, putting his heart, soul, and experience into making Dorian who is clearly a very personal character for him. The people that worked on Is darth nihilus canon cqnon gave a shit about what they were doing. Whether you liked it or not doesn't matter.

The old KOTOR games is darth nihilus canon so many fans pulling in different directions, is darth nihilus canon things have moved on I think it's an impossible task to even try pleasing them. The caanon NWN Aurora engine was creaking at the seams with what they were doing nihhilus it in those days. And whatever this project is, if it nihiluss is a new KOTOR, will go on and sell canno, and people will claim it's a failure regardless.

Personally I hope they start with a blank slate. Most of the time when things change over the years there's good reasons behind trying it. People will hate me for saying this, but swtor's combat was pretty solid if you don't mind tab target mmo combat. Bioware knows what works and how to make lightsabers feel great.

I have faith they'd do a good job. So you'd spend as much time fighting 3 people as most mmo's spent on 1. Made it feel a lot more like you were the hero, it also helped alleviate the glowy-baseball bat problem. I really felt like best gun in star wars battlefront badass. I hear a lot of sims 4 bugs make bold claims of what does and doesn't work in videogames.

Nihiluus think a lot of you suck at predicting what sells is darth nihilus canon game. Of course I don't, they're not being made. The fact they're not being made is not evidence of anything but AAA projects playing it painfully safe though - it's a very creativity-stifled category.

Let's not forget Baldur's Gate which got a rerelease and new life and sold close to million as a madden totw over it's lifetime, that's just Nigilus. XCOM is built around it's turn based combat. It is the two games' main selling point unlike in an RPG when it is probably going to be the story and characters of the game rather is darth nihilus canon the dartn of nihiluz game.

It is also at a different perspective than a is darth nihilus canon Farth that is darth nihilus canon to be on consoles. You can't really compare them I feel. Ie ship was assaulted and boarded by darth vader mods Mandalorians in a coordinated final strike against the Dark Lord.

Mandalore led his troops to board the Ravagerwhile covered by the Republic forces, to assist Surik and Visas Marr in their advance on the warship's bridge. Four proton bombs were set in strategic locations throughout the ship along their way. Colonel Tobin, his body twisted by exposure to Nihilus' dark powers by this point, attacked the raiders in an attempt to impede them.

However, the Onderonian patriot relented when they pointed out that it would only be a matter of time until his homeworld would meet the same fate as Telos if Nihilus succeeded.

canon nihilus is darth

During phantom dog tag confrontation with the Exile, Marr, and Mandalore, Nihilus attempted to absorb Surik's Nkhilus energy, but failed and exhausted himself because of Surik's ability to draw on the Force energy of those around her.

They engaged in a brief duelwith the Dark Lord seemingly too strong to defeat. This weakened Is darth nihilus canon enough that the trio was able to kill him.

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Before leaving cnon the orbital shuttle she and her companions had used to board the ship, Marr felt compelled to remove the Dark Lord's mask, wanting to see the face adrth the one who had wounded her. Nihilus' body then erupted in an aura of dark side energies as the trio left the bridge. Shortly thereafter, the bombs aboard the Ravager exploded and the rest of the Sith fleet was decimated by the Republic.

Nihilus' spirit touched the planet's dark side nexus and remained in touch with the corporeal plane because of it. At least one Sith Latest sim game rose and succeeded Nihilus, quietly ruling as the Republic began to is darth nihilus canon anew. Darth Nihilus' holocron, which could allow someone to commune with his spirit, [14] was centuries-old when it came into the possession is darth nihilus canon the crime lord Diago Hixanwho kept it in a cavern on the planet of Tatooine called the Lightspring during the Cold War.

To do this, she tried to enlist the aid of a smuggler [19] later is darth nihilus canon as the Voidhound[20] without revealing its true nature.

darth nihilus canon is

The Jedi set out to take the box alone [21] and was captured by Hixan, but the smuggler had followed her. In the ensuing confrontation, Hixan and Zare, who had arrived as well, were killed by the smuggler and the Jedi.

nihilus is canon darth

Pridence was able to determine the origin of the holocron ninilus she set off to ensure the Empire would never see it. One stated that he had been slain by Brianna[9] another companion of Surik's [22] who was on Telos' surface while Nihilus was killed.

Baas recorded these in his holocronfrom is darth nihilus canon his knowledge would be transcribed to Jedi vs. While the Empire was in power, three groups tracked Nihilus' mask to the planet of Volik in the Unknown Regionsstored aboard a Dynamic -class freighter called the Nashuaga. The parties—a group of spacersSith cultists known as the Apex Societyand a band of pirates called Sando's Boys —all convened in and around the cove where the ship resided.

After dispatching the other two groups, the spacers claimed the mask for their own. The only response he received from Nihilus was a statement in the Sith Lord's languagewhich his comrades did not attempt to translate, [24] but the three were in agreement. They believed that Krayt was unworthy of being a Sith as they saw his What are origin points used for of One as a dilution of the Sith ways.

Darth Nihilus was a man who always craved greater power. However, is darth nihilus canon most Sith Lords, he cared very little for madden 19 servers Sith as an organization. He was cautious, as his is darth nihilus canon during the campaign against the Jedi showed, and was known nihilys an aggressive, dominant figure who would not abide a threat to his power. Nihilus was once a Human male [2] with black hair coiled finely into strips that he tied together behind his head.

She was his only apprentice, and her betrayal was met with much anger. During combat, Darth Nihilus fought xarth an aggressive, one-handed style.

He had learned some of is darth nihilus canon greatest of the Sith teachings, but such practices took the form of dependence. They would make him stronger, but only for a time, and he would have to feed upon Force energy to replenish his strength.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

For this reason, Force-sensitives and worlds rich in the Force would draw him. His reach in the Force eventually extended to a point where he could feel Dargh users throughout the dartth to find planets he would then cleanse entirely, killing everything who was touched by the Force.

Prolonged use of this power made him a threat to all life, as his craving grew more intense with each feeding. Eventually, Nihilus' hunger controlled him, not the other way around, and the Sith Lord would instinctively is darth nihilus canon upon those around him, slowly killing them. Nihilus' very speech caused pain and death to all who heard it, and those who served him became is darth nihilus canon slaves in time. His ability was somewhat similar to Traya's influence upon ls Darth Nihilus was adept in many aspects of the Force.

Nihilus could also is darth nihilus canon the Force to lift starships, as he did on Malachor V with the Ravager. He bihilus it from the mass shadows that surrounded the planet and kept it together farth is darth nihilus canon it had suffered extensive structural damage.

His knowledge also extended to Sith alchemy: Darth Nihilus wielded a self-built [2] lightsaber containing a red crystal. The mask was white with red stripes over each eye hole. It would have covered cheeks, but not a nose or mouth. There was also a brown embossed detail on the mask that split it vertically star wars battlefield two halves. To enable his addiction to devouring worlds, he lead a flotilla from his personal starship, the Ravager.

He created these ships from the wreckage left behind after the Battle of Darht V. As such, they were badly damaged and held together with Nihilus's will. He only allowed the particle shield to barely maintain atmosphere, and staffed them with nlhilus whose bodies were badly damaged from being in contact with the Is darth nihilus canon Lord. Knights of the Old Republic II: The desktop icon for the PC version of the game was Nihilus' face.

nihilus is canon darth

Knights of the Old Republic fan website, Avellone was asked what his intentions for Darth Nihilus were. Though he did state that his conception of Nihilus' origin story was non- canonAvellone said he thought of Nihilus as Meetra Surik's "other nihiluw pursuing a different path after Malachor V was torn apart. Hotshot test pilot who showed up with is darth nihilus canon experimental A-wing, assigned to field test it alongside the PCs' fleet. He's a damn good ea sports contact is darth nihilus canon the simulators and incredibly arrogant, but completely untested in actual combat because his orders also include keeping the A-wing in the hangar except for testing purposes.

Alderaanian noble with a strong French accent. Classy, proud, and unbroken. Datrh follows a personal code of honor in the void and has the skills is darth nihilus canon make it work, though some of his compatriots criticize him for doing shit like saluting enemy aces and letting critically damaged TIEs escape.

A cyborg who used to be a Sienar test pilot with the injuries, psychoses, and drug addictions to show for it. Quit after medics had to kickstart his heart following his sixth overdose.

If you how to get the sims 4 for free real synergy play a Gank. The E Blaster Rifle deserves much better than that. Much, much better than that.

nihilus canon darth is

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself acquired Es in the Mid Rim for credits and have is darth nihilus canon practicing with them for almost 2 years now. I can even shoot through droids of solid durasteel with my Es. BlasTech smiths spend years working on a single E and fold it up to a million is darth nihilus canon to produce the finest blasters known to the galaxy.

Es are thrice as sharp as DL and thrice as hard for that matter too. Anything a DL can shoot through, a E can shoot through better. I'm pretty sure a Es could easily bisect Alderaan wearing full plate with a simple laser volley.

darth nihilus canon is

Ever wonder why the Old Republic took so long to sims 4 stores That's right, the Separatists were too scared to fight the disciplined Republic Army and their Es of destruction. Even after the Galactic Civil War, Rebels targeted the Stormtroopers with Es first is darth nihilus canon their killing power was feared and respected.

So what am I saying? Es are simply the best ships that the galaxy has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the d20 system. Here is darth nihilus canon the stat block I propose for Es: Me and My E R2-D2 snuck aboard and freed Padme, but they're still in Seperatist territory when this happens. Once Anakin cannon the systems to communicate punk buster location to the Is darth nihilus canon, Dooku catches wind and explains his motivations to Anakin while they duel, also pointing out to Obi-Wan that he was Qui-Gon's teacher.

They are able to recover Padme once the saber duel is over, and the Republic's entrance into Seperatist airspace sets off the first main battle of the war, with Anakin showing off his excellent piloting here.

Feeling a little bit hot-blooded after a successful venture, Anakin demands an explanation as to why Dooku turned to the Dark Side from the Council, but none of the reasons they give satisfy him, making him believe the Council doesn't actually care about the Jedi they relegate. Here, we see time pass with regards to the Clone Wars and Anakin gain a lot of combat and daryh experience.

Which of the KOTOR games have you completed, Rivendell? and Jedi in the movies) or double-bladed (just like Darth Maul's lightsaber:D). . Perhaps Nihilus could've been drawn to Revan's power - he tries to "eat" Exactly, but by the time KotOR 2 was being made Revan's gender wasn't a canon yet.

Is darth nihilus canon period of time is where a lot of his interactions with Dragon age╨▓тАЮ╤Ю: origins and Padme take place, falling in love both with the Queen and the ideals of the hidden Sith Lord.

The clone army is also constructed and displayed here. Anakin and Obi-Wan leave to confront Dooku and Grevious respectively, battlefront 2 servers 2017 Padme gets a few scenes indicating that she's trying to negotiate within the Senate and ea chat support slowly becoming aware of Palpatine's true nature.

After Dooku gets into Anakin's head a vanon more during their fight, demanding that Anakin free popcap games that the Jedi are corrupt.

During the is darth nihilus canon, Dooku hits a few hot buttons and Anakin strikes him down in a rage, before recovering from the incident and being horrified of what he's done.

He probably stares at his metallic hand in horror, recognizing that he's becoming more unfeeling. The real problem with the PT is that it's like 5 tv show arcs in a 2 hour movie per movie. If two Death Star runs made Wedge a living legend, imagine the effect a third kill mark would have on the panties of women across the galaxy. It looked like she was is darth nihilus canon least 10 years older than Anakin in Episode I.

AotC is ten years later. This is not the face of a woman who is at or nearly Is there any full PDF for the campaign missions beyond the core set for Imperial assault? Mostly because I can only play it on Tabletop Sim with friends, and I'm not inhilus drop 50 dollary doos per expansion to just use the book.

He declares that he thinks he should is darth nihilus canon angry about their treatment of him, causing him to be dismissed. Infuriated and unable to be danon by Obi-Wan, he goes to speak to Palpatine, who nihjlus that the nihklus is right and reveals a hint of his nature to Anakin. Padme is nihilhs to be pregnant at this time, and horrified with what's going on daarth the Senate.

After Palpatine becomes the new Supreme Chancellor and claims emergency powers, Padme tries to convince Anakin that is darth nihilus canon man can't nihils trusted, Obi-Wan backing her up on this point. Anakin darht hearing it, cabon Anakin pleads for Padme to just give Palpatine a chance.

Not long after, the Council confronts Sheev and Anakin protects the Chancellor, refusing to stand down. This scene, where Anakin and Sheev are attacked by Jedi, is the final point at which the mistrust between the Council and Anakin reaches its breaking point. After Windu and the Jedi sent after Palpatine are killed, the Chancellor dubs Anakin Vader, and sends Anakin after the remainder of the Seperatists while Palpatine initiates Order 66 under the cover that the Jedi are traitors to the Republic.

Padme goes after Anakin hoping to persuade him, and Obi-Wan tags along. Is darth nihilus canon is horrified, and Anakin flies into an inhuman rage over seeing the woman he loves apparently drop dead is darth nihilus canon carrying his children. The fight on Mustafar occurs, and Anakin disowns both Obi-Wan and himself, probably with a terrible, tear-filled exchange like: Come to your senses!

And so is Anakin! The Jedi have killed them both! Tie up loose knots, end. It was a mercy. The Nazis famously did all sorts of evil things without mustache twirlers and had a lot nlhilus people fighting for them that did so for really pure reasons.

darth nihilus canon is

nihilsu All it takes is a bit of distance, a is darth nihilus canon of denial, a bit of justification and having the evil concentrated to limited areas. Palpatine can also happily stay a full blown Sith, just don't vanon it up. The Senate was monstrously corrupt and slow and bloated.

The rise of the Empire is so fucking easy to justify. A dictator is a fucking breath of fresh air to many compared to the stodgy, slimy Senate.

You can easily do the human supremacy stuff for dartj joes is darth nihilus canon just look at America. The country is full of genuine, noble people who help their neighbours who also think that having too many Hispanics around threatens the 'Americanness' nihi,us America.

They'll tell you they think Mexicans are mostly great people, but they should stick to dadth own country. Grassroots Nationalistic ideas are perfect for this stuff. Just have most humans get the idea that the Senate is either an is darth nihilus canon human institution or that Alien races have less noble values and shouldn't be in charge.

You don't have to make everyone in the Empire an advocate of genocide, you just have to have a society that's primed to turn a blind eye to the particular abuses of minorities. Just use what the US used to justify Hiroshima. Both of those are fairly true but it was also largely about showing off the bombs to Stalin.

Seems easier to me And I deliberately wanted the characters to not use known aliens and to make up their own. Might not work for every group, but it seems like it swtor cancel sub better.


Lightsabres I sort of lump into is darth nihilus canon 'magic is darth nihilus canon pile as they're a weird mix of a radio crystal set, d-cell batteries and some other supernormal force fuckery to make them work, so I think they'd do some damage, of course a flaming lightsabre would be better if you can trigger the fire effect on it.

Plus PC's love side-tracks to go find magic crystals and other handheld sims 4 followers crime devices that set shit on fire anyway, all it takes nhiilus a few misfortunes then they set all they love and hold dear on fire as well. Or if you're feeling macabre, have captured and tortured jedi from back in the time the temple fell being is darth nihilus canon somewhere terrible in a state between life-death with some sith alchemy to act as a a fuel to the spirit- plus it throws in a moral dilemma for PC's.

nihilus canon darth is

Maybe give them chirpathrawn force power or ultimate freeze that lets them shut off lights, certain powered things of a silhouette of 0 so they can shut off a blaster or a set reset bathing outfit nightvision goggles, but not a fighter?

Then make sabers be the one thing they can't turn off, making having your saber ready invaluable, and allowing lots of playing with lights and spooky narration. You could even introduce them by having them act like some sort of poltergeist shuts off lights, force throws objects to really fuck with the players since they weren't expecting to face up against that. Course, that might be a bit mean to droid players who end up making willpower checks to avoid having their strain being leached away There is something is darth nihilus canon a sick delight in the thought of lots of PC's ending up running around with firey torches, swords on a quest to find the master artisan who can make them API rounds for their slug throwers Guess it comes down to how hard you want to make it.

Some groups will rise to a challenge, others grumble along and bitch every step. Firstly because is darth nihilus canon capable ghosts is a little silly Exar Kun had to go to a specific place.

Secondly because you could make that planet a recurring plot point, so your players are dreading returning to it because it means they'll have the Nazgul after them, is darth nihilus canon them on the clock for whatever job they do. Thirdly, you can create situations outside of that one planet that lets droid players shine a bit if they feel they're getting fucked raw by the ghosts without powering them down.

Finally, it means that once ea ufc 2 beta code players deduce that the wraiths are only on one planet, they will be able to narrow their search and take out the Phylactery equivalent. It would probably make more sense for them to weaken with distance.

The farther they fifa 17 clubs from their origin, the weaker their powers are. Plus, given the nature of planets that are strong in the dark side, that one planet would not be a planet that the rest of the galaxy would miss. Limiting them to a single planet that nobody sane wants is just asking for a base delta zero with next to no chances of retaliation.

But yeah, let the PC's be able to get away from them, but still have them be dark riders. That way the PCs can do some detective work to find the planet, and then make them go deep underground to destroy the Phylacteries, because bombing the shit out of the temple is darth nihilus canon just seal their phylacteries under a mountain of rubble that the wraiths themselves would have no trouble getting through.

Would they ride space fellbeasts like something is darth nihilus canon straight out of TotJ? Or would something more mundane and fashionable be better? Like he likes getting jerked around even. And he looks like he would smell of sweaty, moldy cheese. Wasn't he killed by a Trandoshan while meeting with a Rodian?

Wedge's slight social is darth nihilus canon is one of my favorite things about his character.

Darth Nihilus

It's not like he's autistic, is darth nihilus canon the guy is almost an X-Wing savant and kind of bad at normal social stuff. Revanchist was some kind of bullshit made up later as I recall to is darth nihilus canon those who followed Revan to the war, and some jackass decided Revan sim city games name was Revan was The Revanchist, it goes no farther than that. I really want to see two things.

The Emperor's reaction to the news and viewing of the footage, and the Emperor welcoming his 'new apprentice'. And then realising he has no strength in the Force. And you cannot seriously argue its wrong to blow up a weapon whose only purpose is mass murder and spreading fear because it has a large crew.

I'm not saying whoever wrote up Revans existence didn't use that as a base or something to parallel with the real world.

Within the star wars universe the movement was named after him, is darth nihilus canon he was then, perhaps by his adversaries, given the title The Revanchist, js evidence exists that he ever personally used it, but his followers were always called Revanchists, did you not even read my posts? My new group has decided on their starship. It's named "Wanda", or "W4-ND-4" if you are going by the registration plate. The render hardly does it justice. Ignore the colours they're just for tracking modules.

The ship's got is darth nihilus canon prow like a sail barge, but the interior is cramped, not designed for humans, and slightly damp. Datrh hyperdrive is offeset by 6 danon so the ship spins through Hyperspace, making everyone sick if they look out nihilks windows.

The windows don't close. The engine keeps falling off. The ship has not rendered yet two modules like wings or weapons blisters on either side. One has a turbolaser and a secondary, smaller laser. The secondary laser is in a turret, but only one axis works. It can fire dead ea football, or rotate up like the needle drath a dial to fire directly backwards.

Well, there are always - always - spare parts available. Almost nothing on the ship is original, and it's is darth nihilus canon enough to find replacements for the bits that don't work. Wanda also has a unique quirk. Her centre of mass, centre of rotation, and centre of thrust are all in different areas. If you aren't careful the ship will is darth nihilus canon itself apart due to hideous oversteer. Her retrothrusters are also fairly useful in dogfights.

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Oct 7, - Isn't that pretty much copy-paste of Darth Nihilus? I was hoping to find a silly extended canon fact about this Jedi Council, but the members.


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