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Army of two the devils cartel - Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Game Review

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Developed by Visceral Games, the award-winning creators of Dead Space, Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel delivers an immersive and unique 3rd-person co-op.

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Though I'm only on the fourth mission, the "your mom" jokes are beyond stale at this point. It's in the QL.

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Please Log In to post. Carryboy Follow Forum Posts: Whats the verdict on this weeks big release!? EarlessShrimp Follow Forum Posts: Yummylee Follow Forum Posts: I'm still not entirely sure that this is an actual thing that exists Redbullet Follow Forum Posts: Goddamn I loved Bioshock Infinite.

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MegaLombax Follow Forum Posts: Winternet Follow Forum Posts: It's probably not good. WMoyer83 Follow Forum Posts: Sharpless Follow Forum Posts: Chaser Follow Forum Posts: ArtisanBreads Follow Forum Posts: MightyDuck Follow Forum Posts: Only way to play this game is with Big Boi and B.

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Raven10 Follow Forum Posts: GunstarRed Follow Forum Posts: Pudge Follow Forum Posts: Vextroid Follow Forum Posts: Blu3V3nom07 Follow Forum Posts: EarthBowl Follow Forum Posts: In Army of Two: Which comes as something of a letdown. Especially considering that, even back inwhen the original game was sims 3 attraction, army of two the devils cartel was regarded as a bit of a one-trick pony.

The in-game cooperation between main characters Salem and Rios, along with the hi-fives and occasional slaps around the ears, were what set the game apart.

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Especially given that the rest of the game was, at best, a fairly average shooter. The only thing more surprising is that someone got paid to come up with vevils plan to do all this, and there were other people around who thought it was a good idea.

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They are in Mexico assigned to protect Cordova, a politician running on the platform of bringing down the La Puerta Cartel. From there you know how it goes. Unleash massive destruction with three Contract variations designed for maximum rampage!

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Players must kill enemies and cause environment destruction to earn enough points to continuously stay in Overkill while making their way atmy the extraction point. Lay down sustained cover fire with the TAH-9 side arm while decked out in the polymer textured outfit and mask army of two the devils cartel wield the Double D automatic shotgun while battling in ufc 2 ps4 combos intimidating Overkill mask and cartfl.

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Register now for free. Sleeping Dogs January Still In The Car Facade: In and out in 2 minutes.

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WTF game is this?! Worst Game on the Planet WTF Game is This?! This is not fun.

Storytime with Club and Seal! Filmed with a potato.

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Club Fails at Parkour: This Dream is fuucked up. Hide and Seek with Ninjas. A bit about Club.

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Club and Seal's Scary adventure

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Hot New Release! Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel - The originator of tactical co-op is back! Developed by Visceral Games, the award-winning creators of Dead.


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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel "Overkill" trailer. | Page 2 | NeoGAF

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